Alaska Spirit of the Wild
AlaskaSpiritWild 001
1 Nomination
Year 1997
Director George Casey
Writer Mose Richards
Starring Charlton Heston
70th Academy Awards

Alaska Spirit of the Wild is a American short documentary film featuring the landscape and wildlife of Alaska. It is narrated by Charlton Heston and released to IMAX theaters in 1997. Alaskan wildlife featured in the film include moose, bears, seals, wolves, caribou, and whales, while narrator Heston provides background information.



A look at the Alaskan wilderness throughout the year, from the harsh winters to the rejuvenating spring, and the animals (including its human residents) who learn to adapt to the extremes of Alaskan weather.


Alaska Spirit of the Wild (1997) - Open-ended Trailer (e13722)01:13

Alaska Spirit of the Wild (1997) - Open-ended Trailer (e13722)



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