Coco Before Chanel
Coco Before Chanel
1 Nomination
Year 2009
Director Anne Fontaine
Writer Anne Fontaine, Camille Fontaine
Starring Audrey Tautou
82nd Academy Awards

Coco Before Chanel (original title Coco Avant Chanel) is a 2009 French starring French actress Audrey Tautou, Marie Gillain, Benoît Poelvoorde and Alessandro Nivola . The film was directed and co-written by actor turned director Anne Fontaine.



Several years after leaving the orphanage to which her father never returned for her, Gabrielle Chanel finds herself working in a provincial bar. She's both a seamstress for the performers and a singer, earning the nickname Coco from the song she sings nightly with her sister. A liaison with Baron Balsan gives her an entrée into French society and a chance to develop her gift for designing increasingly popular hats. When she falls in love with English businessman Arthur Capel further opportunities open up, though life becomes ever more complicated.


Coco Before Chanel Movie Trailer - Trailer01:57

Coco Before Chanel Movie Trailer - Trailer




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