God of Love
GodofLove 001
1 Nomination / 1 Win
Year 2010
Director Luke Matheny
Writer Luke Matheny
Starring Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh
83rd Academy Awards

God of Love is an American live action short film. It was written and directed by Luke Matheny, and produced by Gigi Dement, Ryan Silbert, and Stefanie Walmsley. The film was shot in black and white on the Red One camera by director of photography Bobby Webster.




In the film, a lounge singer and championship dart player named Raymond Goodfellow is desperately in love with a fellow band-mate, but she only has love for his best friend. The crooner prays daily to God for a way for his beloved to fall in love with him. One evening, his prayers are answered when he's given a box of magical darts with Cupid-like powers. Raymond decides to use the darts to make his own love connection.


God of Love (Trailer) - A Short film by Luke Matheny01:04

God of Love (Trailer) - A Short film by Luke Matheny



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