Instead of Abracadabra
Instead of Abracadabra
1 Nomination
Year 2009
Director Patrik Eklund
82nd Academy Awards

Instead of Abracadabra (Swedish: Istället för abracadabra), is a Swedish 2009 live action short written and directed by Patrik Eklund and produced by Mathias Fjellström.



A young man with big dreams begins carving out a very curious and unique path to stardom, in Instead of Abracadabra, Swedish director Patrik Eklund's Oscar-nominated comedy short. Though geeky and klutzy, Tomas prides himself on his act as an amateur stage magician - with tricks that include sawing a woman in half and whipping a bouquet of flowers out of nowhere. Unfortunately, circumstances aren't in his favor: he still lives with his parents, and his most promising gigs consist of entertaining children at birthday parties; to make matters worse, a nasty accident during preparations for a magic act caused Tomas to injure one eye. Now, Tomas foresees just one chance to convince his parents of his future as a magician and woo the girl of his dreams at the same time: entertaining the crowd at his father's 60th birthday party. Chimay!


Instead of Abracadabra - An Oscar Nominated Swedish Comedy Short Film (2008)22:32

Instead of Abracadabra - An Oscar Nominated Swedish Comedy Short Film (2008)



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