John Hawkes
Hawkes at the 83rd Academy Awards nominee luncheon
1 Nomination
Role Actor
Born September 11, 1959
Alexandria, Minnesota, USA

John Hawkes is an American film and television actor. He is known for his portrayal of the merchant Sol Star on the HBO series "Deadwood", Dustin Powers on "Eastbound & Down", and his Academy Award-nominated performance as the menacing backwoods meth addict Teardrop in Winter's Bone. His first film role was in Future-Kill (1985), credited as John Perkins. He changed his stage name to John Hawkes because there was another actor named John Perkins. Hawkes played the role of Greg Penticoff in season 1 of "24" and played Lennon on ABC's "Lost". Other notable titles to his credit include, The Perfect Storm (2000), American Gangster (2007), The Sessions (2012), and Lincoln (2012).


83rd Academy Awards, 2010
Best Supporting ActorWinter's Bone


Oscar-nominated Roles

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