Killing in the Name
KillingName 003
1 Nomination
Year 2010
Director Jed Rothstein
Writer Jed Rothstein
83rd Academy Awards

Killing in the Name is a 2010 documentary film on Islamic terrorism. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short at the 83rd Academy Awards on January 25, 2011.



Four years ago, Ashraf Al-Khaled and his bride were celebrating what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, when an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber walked into their wedding and blew himself up, killing both of their fathers in front of their eyes. The couple lost 27 members of their family that day. It's a sad fact that stories like Ashraf's are in the news almost daily. In the last 5 years, over 88,000 people have been killed or injured in terrorist attacks worldwide. The majority, like Ashraf, were Muslims. How can someone be so robbed of their humanity that they happily commit mass murder and suicide? It's one of the fundamental human questions of our era, one that has haunted Ashraf since his wedding day, and what is now driving him to rise from horrific tragedy to take an unprecedented step - breaking the silence in the Muslim community on this taboo subject by speaking out against terrorism. Killing in the Name follows Ashraf in his quest to speak with victims and perpetrators, and expose the true costs of terrorism. From a jihadi recruiter for Al-Qaeda, the group responsible for bombing his wedding, to an Islamic militant behind one of the world's worst terrorist attacks, to a madrassa filled with young boys ready to fulfill the duty of jihad, Ashraf takes us on a harrowing journey around the world to see if one man can speak truth to terror, and begin to turn the global tide. At times chilling and moving, terrifying and hopeful.


Killing in the Name - Trailer (áudio original) WARNING Graphic scenes01:35

Killing in the Name - Trailer (áudio original) WARNING Graphic scenes



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