Madagascar, a Journey Diary
MadagascarJourneyDiary 001
1 Nomination
Year 2010
Director Bastien Dubois
Writer Bastien Dubois
83rd Academy Awards

Madagascar, a Journey Diary is a 2010 French animated short film, written and directed by Bastien Dubois. The film was originally titled Madagascar, carnet de voyage.



Famadihana is an ancient Malagasy custom that means “the turning of the dead”. A symbol of the importance of the worship of ancestors, and a chance to move the remains of ancestors from their first tomb to their final resting place, it is an occasion for festivities, dance and the sacrifice of zebus. The movie is filmed like the travel journey of a Western traveler in search of these customs. The pages turn, the drawings come to life, and the luxuriant landscapes of Madagascar appear one after another.


MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE (extrait) Nomination Lutins 201001:17

MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE (extrait) Nomination Lutins



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