Mondo Cane
MondoCane 001
1 Nomination
Year 1962
Director Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara, Franco Prosperi
Writer Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara
Starring Stefano Sibaldi
36th Academy Awards

Mondo Cane (A Dog's World, 1962) is a documentary written and directed by Italian filmmakers Paolo Cavara, Franco Prosperi and Gualtiero Jacopetti. Despite its claims of genuine documentation, certain scenes in the film are either staged or creatively manipulated to enhance this effect.



Nominally a documentary, this film combines a number of unrelated sequences (both real and staged) -- including a South Pacific "cargo cult", the ritual slaughter of a bull, tribal dances and rituals, and a visit to an ornate pet cemetery -- all focused on the lurid, sensational, and eccentric.


Mondo Cane Trailer (US)02:30

Mondo Cane Trailer (US)




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