Stephan Trojansky
1 Nomination / 1 Win
Role Visual Effects

Stephan Trojansky is senior VFX supervisor and co-founder of ScanlineVFX. After leading the feature film work of ScanlineVFX Munich for more than 10 years he moved to Los Angeles to run Scanline’s new facility in Marina del Rey. His feature film credits include 2012, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Iron Man, 300 and many more.

Special and Honorary Awards

80th Academy Awards, 2007
Scientific and Technical Award for the development of the Flowline fluid effects system. Flowline is a flexible system that incorporates highly parallel computation, allowing rapid iteration and resulting in detailed, realistic fluid effects. (shared with Thomas Ganshorn and Oliver Pilarksi)


83rd Academy Awards, 2010
Best Visual EffectsHereafter (shared with Michael Owens, Bryan Grill and Joe Farrell)

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