The Chicken from Outer Space
ChickenOuterSpace 001
1 Nomination
Year 1996
Director John Dilworth
Writer John Dilworth
Starring Howard Hoffman, Chillie Mo
68th Academy Awards

The Chicken from Outer Space is a 1996 animated sci-fi short film sponsored by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network, was nominated for an Academy Award. Re-named "Courage the Cowardly Dog", it was developed as a television series in 1998, with John Dilworth serving as executive producer, director, and co-writer on all 52 half-hour episodes as well as voicing numerous characters.



An elderly couple's dog must defend them from a malicious space chicken, bent on conquest by infecting them with mutagenic eggs. First this quiet farm in the middle of nowhere, next, the world!


Courage the Cowardly Dog -The Chicken from Outer Space07:30

Courage the Cowardly Dog -The Chicken from Outer Space



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