The Crush
Crush 004
1 Nomination
Year 2010
Director Michael Creagh
Writer Michael Creagh
Starring Oran Creagh, Olga Wehrly, Rory Keenan
83rd Academy Awards

The Crush is an Irish live action short film. It was written and directed by first-timer Michael Creagh, and produced by Damon Quinn. The film was shot during Easter 2009 in Skerries, north Dublin.



The story sees an eight-year-old schoolboy fall in love with his teacher, Miss Purdy. One day he gives her a toy ring to show his affection. But heartbreak abounds when he bumps into Miss Purdy and her boyfriend having just bought a very real engagement ring. Devastated and spurned, Ardal challenges Miss Purdy’s fiancé to a duel – to the death!

Full Movie

The crush short film 2010 (full movie of 15 min)14:58

The crush short film 2010 (full movie of 15 min).flv



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