The Pig
Grisen 001
1 Nomination
Year 2008
Director Dorte Høgh
Writer Anders Frithiof August, Dorte Høgh
Starring Jesper Asholt, Mette Agnete Horn, Farooq Khan
81st Academy Awards

The Pig (Danish: Grisen) is an Oscar nominated Danish live action short film. It was directed by Dorte Høgh and he co-wrote the film with Anders Frithiof August based on the short story by Lars Saabye Christensen.



The 78-year-old Asbjørn Hall is admitted to the hospital where he is to undergo a surgery in the rectum. As the doctor discovers signs of cancer, he insists on keeping Asbjørn in the hospital for further examination. Asbjørn feels scared and lonely, but then notices a curious painting on the wall depicting a jumping pig with a mona lisa-smile. Asbjørn grows very fond of the pig which he feels is becoming his guardian angel and helping friend in his state of fear and loneliness. Waking up after the surgery, Asbjørn discovers that the painting is gone and that a Pakistani man called Aslam has been placed in the bed next to Asbjørn´s. Aslam is a Muslim, and it is his family who has requested that the painting be removed as they find the pig offensive and discriminating to Aslam. Convinced that he needs the pig in order to get well, Asbjørn calls his daughter Mona who is a busy, career minded lawyer and who Asbjørn usually is very reluctant to contact. Mona arrives and Asbjørn persuades her to help him have the painting hung back up. Mona accuses the hospital of discriminating her father by removing the painting, and he demands to speak to the CEO of the hospital. An argument evolves between her and Aslam’s son who is defending his father.


You can purchase and download the film at i-Tunes


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